Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Make-Up Expiry!!

Hey Guys!

My Blog today is about Expiry dates and life span of make-up!

Mascara about 3 to 4 months
Foundation lasts for 1 year
Lipstick lasts for 1 year
Powder lasts for about 2 years
Eye shadows last for about 2 years.

Keep these in mind guys becuase using off date cosmetics can be really dangerous!


Monday, 14 June 2010

Home made skin care!!

These are recipes for great skin care that can be found in your kitchen cupboard!!

Brown Sugar Body Scrub!
This exfoliator removes dead skin cells and moisturises the skin underneath which helps you get one step closer to that perfect beach body!
All you need:
Brown Sugar
Olive Oil

Making it:
Take 3 parts brown sugar and 1 part olive oil
and mix.As long as you stick to this ratio you can make as big or little a portion as you like.

Using it:
Rub all over the body before heading into the bath or shower to rinse it off! Because of the olive oil you wont need to moisturise after!

So off you go and get scrubbing!!xx

Sweet As Honey Face Mask!!
This face mask will provide a deep cleanse while also soothing your skin, its natural antibiotic properties will help kill bacteria in your pores and eliminate redness. The mask is also moisturising and full of vitamins!

This is very simple there is no making involved! Simply take a jar of Honey and smooth some over your face avoiding the eye and mouth area then leave this to work its magic for 10 minutes!
Simply rinse off with warm water and continue with your regular toner and moisturiser!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

The secret to great make-up is great skincare!

Hey Guys!

Im going to start with the basics and build our make-up step by step.
So Im starting with skincare as its the key to a healthy glow and great make-up looks! Did you know one night not taking your make-up off ages you by a week?? yea i know thats not cool you must always take it off at night no matter how drunk you are hehe! I recommend using cleanser either oil or cream based depending on your preference.

Benefits of cleansing?

Cleansing removes dead skin cells, dirt and excess oil
It also aids cell renewal which helps the skin look healthy and beautiful!!

Next step is toner (unless you have dry skin then use alcohol free toner)
Toner tightens pores which reduces the chance of blackheads & acne which helps give the skin a smoother appearance!!

Then theres moisturiser (if you have oily skin use oil free products)
This helps hydrate the skin giving it a natural glow it also creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture escaping!!

Last but not least is exfoliation! I recommend this 3x a week!
Exfoliating removes the surface layer cleansing deep into pores and revealing the healthy glowing skin underneath!!

Thats all you need to know about skin care so get on it girlies no more laziness!!

In my next blog Im going to teach you how to make your own skincare products!

Speak soon


Who is Mandy Is Make-Up??

Hey Guys!

My name is Mandy I am a professional Make-Up Artist freelancing in the UK. I decided to start my Blog because I wanted share my knowledge so my Blog will be all about my latest tips, trends and tutorials! So if you love make-up I suggest you tune in to my blog!!

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